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註冊會員購物滿HKD400即可享3%回贈 | 首次下載手機APP送你$30購物金



About order status
-Unfulfilled/shipping: The order is not ready yet, although there is a tracking number, it has not been sent out. Please wait patiently.
-Unpaid: Payment has not been done. But if you have uploaded the advice, please wait patiently for us to check it.
-Shipped/Arrived: The order is in stock, in transit, or has arrived at the pickup point.
-Expired/Failed: Payment has not been done.

Forget your password?

Our website provides the function of "Find my Password" which is located at the login page. Please press the button of "Forgot password" and the system will direct you to reset a new password.

Can I purchase without joining membership?
Yes, you can checkout directly with joining our membership. But you may enjoy member discount and track your order easily if you join us.

Can I purchase single piece of lens?
As all our products are ordered from the official supplier, you cannot purchase a single piece of contact lens.

Why are the goods delayed?
Most of the delays are due to the shortage of goods by the agent or the manufacturer, which requires extra time to wait for restocking. There are also opportunities for delays due to customs clearance.  If the above situation occurs, the agent or the factory will notify us as soon as possible, and we will contact the customer as soon as possible after receiving the notification, but will not notify in advance.

About out of stock
We have different stocks of different products. Some of the products may be temporary out of stock and need to wait for the stock to return. The stock will usually return with 1-2 weeks. We will let you know if there is a delay.

How long do I have to wait for out of stock?
In case of out-of-stock, it may take 2-6 weeks to order. As the goods need to be shipped to Hong Kong from overseas, we will notify you as soon as possible. If there are any out-of-stocks, we will not give advance notice.

What if part of my order is a pre-order product?
If you purchase in-stock and pre-order products at the same time, we will send all the products together after they are available. You will find the estimated ordering time in the product details. If you have special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Is there any difference between licensed and parallel imported contact lenses? What are the differences in quality?
Both licensed products and parallel imports are genuine products with the same quality. They are produced by authorized manufacturers and will not affect the wearing effect. Most of our goods are licensed, and we also have some imported goods.

Why are the parallel imported products cheaper? Is it an item that is about to expire?
Consumers do not have to bear the cost of advertising or endorsements, so the products are relatively cheap, which truly benefits consumers. The expiration date is also the same as that of licensed products.

Can I mix prescriptions in a box of contact lenses?
Since all our contact lenses are original and genuine, one box only has the same power. You need to purchase two boxes for both eyes.

Regarding the issue of origin
It is common that the brand and the actual origin of production of the product may be different. For example, most Japanese brand contact lenses are produced in Taiwan and then exported to Japan for local sale. Some products may have more than one production place, but the quality is guaranteed.

I have different power of my left and right eyes
You may need to purchase 2 boxes of contact lens as a box of contact lens contain same power of lenses

About Astigmatism contact lenses
You may provide us the power, cylinder, axis (PWR/CYL/AX) in your order. 

About Product Photos
The pictures and information of the product are for reference only. Due to the shooting lighting and the color difference of different displays, there may be slight color difference between the product picture and the actual product. Products may vary due to batch issues or supplier changes to packaging, and website pictures may not be the latest version of the product.

After Sales Service
In order to provide our customers with a more assured and satisfying shopping experience, we provide customers with '14-days stocks guaranteed warranty' (Contact lenses only).

We only accept return/exchange if the goods are in new condition, completely packaged, intact and will not affect the second sale.

Please ensure the purchased products are of correct color, style, basic curve, and power. We do not accept exchange of products due to personal reasons (change of power, wrongly purchase, want to change color.etc). If customer really wants to exchange  the product, we may consider the case with discretion. However, we will charge HKD30 per 1 box as service charge and customer should bear the shipping fee. Gopopstation has right to refuse exchange of products.


  1. Please contact our customer service at (852) 5202 4934 or gopopstation@gmail.com
  2. The product should be intact. You may also attach the photo(s) and send to us.

Products are damaged when received

Gopopstation will ensure the products are in good and intact condition before delivery. Please contact our customer service at (852) 5202 4934 or gopopstation@gmail.com. We will help you to deal with the courier.

Wrong products
If customer receive product with wrong color/style/power, we will exchange the product with you and we will bear the shipping fee. 
Gopopstation will send the products according to the placed order. You will receive a confirmation email after checking out. 

What should I do if the courier returned my parcel to Gopopstation due to the failure of the delivery?

Any shipment returned to us are considered as "undeliverable shipment". It might be because incorrect shipping addresses was provided, couriers failed to deliver the parcels (including the recipient is unavailable), or unclaimed shipments.

After we have received the undeliverable shipments, we will contact you to rearrange the delivery via email. We will base on the quotation in our website to charge you the shipping fee. No free shipping for all Re-delivery orders. For orders to Hong Kong, we will charge the total amount of the shipping fee.

If you wish to abandon the order, we could arrange to refund 50% of the total amount of the products to you. However, the shipping fee paid for the delivery will not be refunded. 

Do I require to bear the custom taxes for my orders?

When you please an order in our website, you are considered as the importer of the purchased products. You might be required to pay customs tax, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), valued-added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related charges. Customs policies vary in different countries. We do not guarantee or judge any charges of the import is needed. For the information of the customs-related charges, please contact your local customs office directly.

You might also need to pay for other charges like administration or handling fee due to the import tariffs or custom clearance. You are required to bear the relevant cost upon recipient of the shipment. If the goods need to be resent due to customs clearance failure, the second shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

You must bear all other tax fees charges by the Government, including but not limited to the tariff, import tax, value added tax, service tax, use tax or other related taxes. We do not guarantee or judge any charges of the import is needed. For the information of the customs-related charges, please contact your local customs office directly.


What should I do if the product of my order is classified as "Prohibited goods"? 

You should contact your local customs organization for the details of prohibited goods. We shall declare our shipments according to their actual content and value. We do not accept any requests about adjusting the declaration content and value of the products.

For any reasons, if the goods in the order are forfeited by the customs, we will not be responsible for any rearrange shipments or refunds of the order.


Can I request for the refund after a rejected to receive the shipment?

If you rejected the parcel with any personal reasons like refusal to pay customs tax/clearance fee or duties, failure to provide requested documents, or other related issues, we will not arrange any  refund or reshipment.

If you rejected the parcel since the package is damaged during the transition, we will not arrange any refund or reshipment, since we have confirmed all the packages are packed properly before they are shipped. 


What can I do if the delivery is delayed due to some unexpected shipping problems?

In case of unexpected problems, such as customs clearance, delays from the shipping company, we will assist in picking up the parcels as soon as possible. Yet, we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused during transportation.

Why we need get back the defective products?

Our company is in a serious attitude and being responsible to the customer., we will seriously deal with the return and exchange products. 

If the returned contact lenses are not completely packaged, they will be disposed of by scrapping and returned to the manufacturer or the general agent to verify and destroyed by them (contact lenses and Nursing fluids have strict hygiene requirements and are not allowed to be reused.) 

Before the product is opened, our staff will check carefully before delivery. If there is any defect, we will return it to the supplier and require the manufacturer to deal the problem seriously to ensure that the quality of our products are good and stable.

Description of contact lens quality

Different batches of contact lenses may have slightly differences of the outer packaging. After a large scale of user surveys and receiving the feedback from the contact lenses wearing consultant of the chain store, 99% of the contact lens damage is caused by not paying attention to the lens sticking to the edge of the contact lens container and screwing the cover when putting the contact lens into it causes the lens to be damaged. Or the contact lens is damaged by the nails of the wearers when they took it off.

I have missed the designated time for picking up, what should I do?

If you do not pick up the goods at the specified time for any personal reasons, we will not arrange a refund for the rejected order shipment.

If you do not come to pick up the goods within ONE month after receiving the arrival notice, we will charge a one-time storage fee of HK$30.

If you do not come to pick up the goods within TWO months after receiving the arrival notice, we will treat it as abandoning the package and destroy it, and no refund will be given.

Wearing Restrictions and Indications

Your Eye Care Professional will determine your wearing schedule (how long you should wear your lenses each day) and your replacement schedule (when you should discard your lenses and use new ones). When prescribed for frequent/planned replacement wear, you may clean and disinfect the lenses using a chemical disinfection system only. Your lenses are intended for daily wear for monthly replacement.

DO NOT USE these lenses when you have any of the following conditions: 

-Inflammation or infection in or around the eye or eyelids 

-Any eye disease, injury, or abnormality that affects the cornea, conjunctiva, or eyelids

-Any previously diagnosed condition that makes contact lens wear uncomfortable 

-Severe dry eye 

-Reduced corneal sensitivity 

-Any systemic disease that may affect the eye or be made worse by wearing contact lenses 

-Allergic reactions on the surface of the eye or surrounding tissues that may be induced or made worse by wearing contact lenses or use of contact lens solutions 

-Irritation of the eye caused by allergic reactions to ingredients in contact lens solutions (e.g., cleaning and disinfecting solutions, rewetting drops, etc.). These solutions may contain chemicals or preservatives (such as mercury, Thimerosal,etc.) to which some people may develop an allergic response. 

-Any active eye infection 

-If eyes become red or irritated 

Last updated: 2024/1/1