Clalen HK

Clalen One Day Clean and Clalen Iris (colored lens) are new famous brand from Korea with Suzy (배수지) as their BSS.

(As for Clalen Iris series, colors include : Alicia Brown, Jazz Black, Soul Brown, Rhapsody, Latin, Suzy Gray, Suzy Brown and Blue Moon) 


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Clalen 2021 官方授權行貨銷售商


-Clalen Iris 30片系列

-Clalen Iris M系列

-Clalen Iris Alicia Brown Toric(-0.75/-1.25散光)

-Clalen Astra

-Clalen Clean

-Clalen O2O2 M系列



-Clalen Iris 90片

-Clalen Halo 散光

-Clalen Iris Alicia Brown -1.75度散光 

-Clalen O2O2 1 Day系列

*如香港代理缺貨 將會由韓國直送 均有售後保養