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Product Descriptions

1. GOPOPSTATION and its supplier and manufacturer have made every effort to display the descriptions of products on the Site as accurately as possible. However, due to practical conditions, GOPOPSTATION does not represent or warrant that the descriptions of any products shown on the Site are reliable or accurate or complete or error free.


2. Due to the exposure of lights and color diviation among different display monitors, there may be slight colour differences between the images and real products. Images and descriptions shown on the Site are for reference only. GOPOPSTATION has made every effort to display the colors of products on the Site as accurately as possible.  However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor GOPOPSTATION cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.


3. GOPOPSTATION offers cosmetic and personal care products, including but not limited to contact lenses, skin care products, makeup and fragrances, for sale through the Site. By purchasing such products you  represent and warrant that you have consulted with an appropriate medical  professional with respect to your use of such products and you have obtained  all necessary prescriptions and other approvals and documents required in  connection with your purchase and use of such products.


4 No Professional Advice; Risk of Use


All information supplied through the Site or GOPOPSTATION, whether by telephone, e-mail, letter, facsimile or other form of communication, is for informational purposes or general guidance and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. The Site does not and is not intended to provide any information to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure any disease or condition.


    4.1 Health-related information provided through the Site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You must consult your personal physician or other healthcare professional before making medical decisions and before making purchasing decisions related to personal care products.


    4.2 Our sales staff will only introduce the products and provide product information to customers, and will not give any professional advice, such as the proposed power or base curve of contact lenses. Instead our staff will advise you to inquire qualified optometrist for these questions.


    4.3 You must carefully read the product guideline, follow all product label information and the recommendations of your health care provider before using any cosmetic or personal care products. None of the information available through the Site constitutes a recommendation or solicitation to take or not take any particular action.


    4.4 The receipt of any questions or feedback you submit to GOPOPSTATION does not create a professional relationship and does not create any privacy rights other than those described in Privacy Policy of the Site.


5. It is your responsibility to have your eyes examined by an eye care professional before purchasing contact lenses through the Site and regularly thereafter. You agree to follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of any contact lenses purchased through the Site.


6. In addition to the terms set forth above with respect  to all cosmetic and personal care products (and without limiting the  generality thereof), by placing an order through the Site for prescription  contact lenses, you certify, represent and warrant that:


    6.1 with respect to the contact lenses you are ordering you have a valid prescription issued within the timeframe required by law in your jurisdiction of residence following a physical eye examination conducted by a registered eye care professional licensed in your country, state, province or  other applicable jurisdiction and


    6.2 you have not, since your last issuance of a valid prescription pursuant to a physical eye examination conducted by a registered  eye care professional licensed in your country, state, province or other applicable jurisdiction, suffered from any eye condition requiring treatment  or been advised to stop wearing contact lenses by an eye care professional or  medical practitioner.


    6.3 When you order contact lenses through the Site, you are responsible for entering the correct contact lens information according to your contact lens prescription. If you experience any pain or discount from any contact lenses purchased through the Site, you agree to discontinue use immediately and consult your eye care professional.


7. GOPOPSTATION concerns about product safety and customers'eyes health. Please read carefully the following notes for purchasing contact lens:


    7.1 Contact lens users should be prescribed contact lens by a registered optometrist, and seek the advice for how to use contact lens and care properly including cleaning and storing methods, as well as the wearing/changing timeline.


    7.2 Contact lens information are printed clearly on product packages, including the base curve. Customers are suggested to purchase appropriate products according to the prescription and recommendations provided by optometrists.


    7.3 Our representatives will only provide customers with product information or recommendations and does not constitute medical or other professional advice such as base curve and power of contact lens.  Please consult the qualified optometrists regarding these questions.


    7.4 Attention to the proper use of contact lenses. Use of wrong power will lead to serious consequences.


    7.5 If there is a slight discomfort in your eyes, please stop using contact lenses immediately and seek medical assistance.


    7.6 If you have eye health or wearing contact lens problems, be sure to check with your optometrist and ophthalmologist.


8. Products shown on the Site may contain descriptions that are provided directly by the publisher, manufacturer or distributor of such products.  GOPOPSTATION does not represent or warrant that the descriptions of any products shown on the Site (including personal care products) are accurate or complete.  IF YOU PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM GOPOPSTATION  THAT IS NOT AS DESCRIBED ON THE SITE, YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY SHALL BE  TO RETURN SUCH PRODUCT IN UNUSED CONDITION FOR GOPOPSTATION CREDIT IN THE AMOUNT  OF THE PURCHASE PRICE TO THE ACCOUNT OF MEMBER.


9. Any problems or malfunctions of the products sold on the website are not borne by GOPOPSTATION. We will ask the manufacturer or supplier of the product for assistance, on behalf of the customers.